Why Ferrari is banning their vehicles ?

Ferrari is banning vehicles for his employes. Why?

Ferrari produces only 8,000 cars a year and there’s a wait of years before buyers can get their hands on one. And that’s just for their mass-produced models. Their limited run hypercars are only sold to a select few, on the invitation, to those who Ferrari thinks worthy. In fact, no amount of money can get you a Ferrari if you’re not a ‘Ferrari client’.

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In fact, Only the top 250 customers are eligible to commission a Unique Ferrari Motors.

The Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Enrico Galliera said that all employees will be banned from buying Ferraris. The employees are allowed to the company they are Formula 1 drivers. The current Formula drivers are only two of them, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen and the most shocking news are that they are also not offered any discounts.

With such limited and high demands, make the customers wait for long to them. Many of the customers are waiting for too long to get their Ferrari. This will spoil the company image in the auto industry if the manufacturing is less and then they are selling to employees also. The customers to be always first.

When the company’s latest hypercar, The LaFerrari Aperta went on the sale. It was Galliera who made a list of 200 potential buyers for the hypercar and were asked if they would be interested in buying the car. They all said yes. The car costs upward to 1.2 million euros, plus taxes.

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