10 Things Blogger should know to reach on top.

You Want To Start A Blog?

Nowadays anyone can create a blog. Blogging had become a great marketing tool and the great source of income.

Here are 10 steps to be on top which every blogger should know

If u want to become a perfect blogger then you have to follow these 10 steps :

1. Blogging needs time and effort :

As I said in heading that blogging needs time the time actually means patience that blogger should have if u except more and more traffic on your site and it won’t happen then u would get disappointed and u will not be able to work with that passion on your another blog, patience is most important. There are many ways to make money online but blogging is the toughest one because for blogging u need traffic on your site and lot of efforts on your each and every blog.

2. Perfect Niche :

All u need to start the blog for that first of all u have to decide a niche for your website on what niche u want to write. Niche is basically that u should be decided with your perfect topic on what topic u want to write your blogs. Have the deep search on your niche, stay focused and passionate towards your topic and describe it according to your audience. what they really want from your blogs.

3. Blogging Is Not Free Of Cost.

The biggest platforms are all free and easy to use platforms are WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr. If you want to your own self-hosting blog by buying a domain name and installing WordPress. This all thing will cost you around $50-$150/year.

After starting you need to spend more money for your blogs and more traffic. Investment you can make on your own blog:-

1.Marketing promotions and Advertisements
2.Better web hosting
3.Hiring writers
5.Custom Development

4. Content is your Crown :

Quantity matters to increase and maintain your own traffic, But you should focus on quality over quantity. Content is most important which matters to increase your traffic and this also maintains daily visitors. Visitors will be only come to your site if they would find some quality content. Nobody will read your blogs if they all would be shallow and uninformative content.

5. There should be knowledge of Basic HTML :

Thanks to powerful blogging platform HTML and CSS their knowledge is no more needed. You can customize the themes plugins without looking towards to the codes. The basic understanding of HTML still it helps the professional bloggers.
We need just a basic knowledge of HTML once you are familiar with the skills to be needed then you can easily update your themes and plugins and you can work on appearance to make it more interactive and beneficial

6. Basic knowledge of SEO :

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Before start blogging you should have basic knowledge of SEO this helps to gain more and more genuine traffic to your site. SEO is related to search bar like Google, Bing, Yahoo these are the top listed search bars.

7. Read About Copyright Issues :

Here in this IT world, anyone can steal your content and your images. So, you should know how to protect your content and images. At the same time, it is critical to educate about “content thief”. Better to read some articles on Copyrights. As you cannot place the copy content to your site.

8. Blog Creativity :

The blog design is must it influence how the readers perceive to your content. The blog design plays the biggest role in creating or breaking of an impression. According to Google Algorithms, you should write your blog that reader remains to stick to your blog while reading. Nowadays, people are mobile friendly so that blog should be written in such a way that it would give pleasurable experience to your audience.

9. Always to be Authentic :

Always to be real and stay loyal to your audience with this you can build trust with your audience. Trust should be too hard that people should believe not only your website instead they should have trust on you because it takes years to build trust and seconds to ruin it. You should interact with your reader. Always accept your mistakes and apologize .

10. Conclusion :

As we know that, it is easy to get in this IT line and to start blogging and to start your startup but it’s not too easy. It is not for everyone because many of the bloggers give up to early because they need an instant result and that would not happen at all. In blogging, you should keep on working harder as you can and don’t bother about result’s you should concentrate on your hard work. Always to do blogging in a smart way and try always something new with which your reader get attracted to your blog.

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